Water Woes

These past few weeks, we have been affected by rain showers which scour our environment. However, our plants have also felt the effects of these torrential downpours. Besides the Willow, Popular, Alder, and certain Maple trees, most greenery prefer to live in drained soil and cannot tolerate flooded soils for more than 3 days. Despite this, plants are not helpless to the drenching waters. If  excessive waters remain, rotting can occur in the stems and/or trunks of the greenery. The water could also cause pale or yellow leaves and overall weakness of the plants. In addition, these spots become easy habitats for breeding grounds of insects, mold, and fungal and bacterial diseases. These are a few ways you can help improve the draining potential of your soil to prevent flooding problems from spreading further in your landscape.

1. Remove Excess Mulch

2. Cultivate Around The Plants

3. Poke Holes to Aerate the Soil

4. Create Drainage Channels or Tiles Away from the Plants

5. Pump Out Puddling Waters

After the excess water has subsided, fertilize weakened trees and shrubs to strengthen them and thus provide for a healthier landscape!