Mosquito Madness

As the air is becoming more and more humid, those pesky little mosquitoes have invaded our landscapes again. Despite being necessary to our ecosystem, mosquitos do not necessarily have to be found in your garden by strategically placing mosquito-repelling plants! Here are some suggestions to aid a mosquito-free garden.

Citronella- This textured, clumpy grass has the same scent that is used in chemical mosquito repellants, thus keeping the bugs away!

Catnip-Great to repel most insect pests due to its strong smell. It can be an especially good mosquito replant when dried, tied, and hung around a garden.

Lavender-Beautiful in appearance and scent, yet the rich scent also keeps away mosquitoes.

Bee Balm- A mint to keep mosquitoes away that comes in myriad shapes, sizes, and colors.

Ageratum- Sophisticated bloomer to humans, a repulsive plant to mosquitoes!

Garlic- a natural solution that can be sprinkled on your lawn or put into a DIY yard spray ( found here).

Lemon- This citrusy scent is hated by mosquitoes and comes in many forms.

Scented Germaniums- Almost all varieties work to prevent mosquitoes!

Enjoy your time in your garden this summer without those pesky mosquitoes!