Fall Frenzy

As the seasons change, new questions arise regarding care for your landscape. Here are some frequently asked question’s for this season’s garden care.

Q: How late can I plant in the fall?

A: It is always better to plant sooner rather than later. However, as long as the ground is not frozen, it is not too late to plant! The ground usually freezes around the end of November.

Q: What are the precautions for fall planting?

A: Planting in the fall is very similar to any other time of year.  The main difference in your planting should be your use of fertilizer.  It is crucial to not use one with a high nitrogen content. Bone meal is still safe to use.

Q: Should I mulch shrubs higher in the fall?

A: As temperature changes become more and more uneven, higher mulch will be critical to protecting your shrubs. Remember to remove this excess layer in April.

Q: Do I have to plant spring bulbs in fall?

A: These bulbs will always grow their roots in the cool earth in the fall and will complete their growth cycle in the spring. If the ground is already frozen, pot these bulbs up in a cool place until the spring

Q: Can I seed or sod now?

A: Yes! Sod is usually available until mid-November. Seed can be sown anytime of the year. Three days of 60 degree weather are necessary for proper semination.

Q: How should I protect newly planted evergreens for winter?

A: It is critical to protect these against the wind and animal damage. Use burlap or “Wiltproof” spray for potential wind damage when the temperatures drop below 45 degrees.  Use animal repellents or tight fencing if critters inhabit their area.