Established in 1996

In the spring of 1996, Perricone Bros. Landscaping expanded their business by opening Perricone Garden Center and Nursery set on a 42 acre parcel of land located in Volo, Illinois. Our garden center supplies homeowners and landscapers with all their landscape needs. Perricone Bros. also operates a 160 acre nursery in Woodstock, Illinois. This operation produces the highest quality plant materials required to meet the standards of our clientele. For more information on our garden center and nurseries, visit our website www.perriconegardencenter.com

When you stop by our Garden Center and Nursery you will experience:

  • 25 acres of robust nursery stock,
  • Beautiful flowers and gorgeous garden accents.
  • Complete design, delivery and installation services.
  • A vast yard of bulk landscape materials (such as, mulch, stone, boulders, Unilock pavers, and more.)