Concerning Composting

Composting Policies & Procedures




  • Our site operates between 7:00am and 5:00pm.       We will accept grass, leaves and small branches. We reserve the right to refuse material that is old, smells or is not able to be composted. We do not accept manure, plastics, metals, general trash, etc.


  • Landscape waste will be shredded the same day.


  • Shredded materials will be moved, within 24 hours, to Windrows located in Composting field.


  • Woody waste & leaves will be stored separately to be mixed later, as necessary at the rate of 1 to 10, to minimize odor.


  • Our goal is to minimize odor & avoid anaerobic conditions, through these steps:
    • Mix with bark
    • Consider wind when turning windrows
    • Adding water
    • Turning timely, minimum of 4 times a year


  • Weekly oxygen & temperature reading are recorded.


  • The windrows are turned at least 4 times per year, not less than once every six months


  • End product is tested every 5,000 cubic yards or once a year.


  • End product is labeled general use compost or designated use compost


  • Training for personnel is conducted in proper safety and operating procedure